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Autumn - the perfect time for pan-fried dishes

Enchant your customer with our new magic gourmet marinades San Mato and Kräuterfee for our very delicious stir-fries. Due to the excellent opacity, the attractive appearance retains in the counter for a long time. The specialty is simply prepared in a pan at home and supplemented with a side dish. A quick dish, freshly cooked and simply delicious!

Our new products for a yummy autumn/ winter season

VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Marinade San Mato oG, Art.-No. 201 552

Due to the contained tomato this Mediterranean flavoured gourmet marinade has an attractive red orange appearance. The Mediterranean spicy taste will be enhanced by oregano, basil and thyme and ensures a mild and powerful delectation of your stir-fried specialties.

VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Marinade Kräuterfee oG, Art.-No. 201 530

This bright green marinade is characterised by its extraordinary opacity and balanced, full-bodied taste profile. The spicy herb bouquet is dominated by parsley, chives, lovage and refined with a fine cream note.

SCHINKO® Universal – A guarantee for optimal results with high injection

With the brine additive SCHINKO® Universal we present a new high functional brine additive for cooked cured products that can be used universally. This brine additive guarantees a particularly high yield with a universal injection rate between 60 and 100 percent. Depending on the injection quantity used, a yield of between 45 and 70 percent is reached in the final product.


  • Universal injection rate between 60–100 % with high yields & firm bite
  • Continuous injection quantity during complete production
  • Absence of tiger stripes
  • Attractive appearance with an intense curing colour
  • Highly functional ingredients prevent syneresis


PRALLO® Protein Tech – The key ingredient for optimising costs and stabilisation of boiled sausages

PRALLO® Protein Tech contains an innovative protein network. Due to new product attributes, the meat matrix of boiled sausage can be stabilised more effectively and thus also the cost-effectiveness can be increased. With PRALLO® Protein Tech, quality variations in the boiled sausage and semi-dry sausage production are reduced which leads to a more standardised outcome in the final product. The higher quality in binding when using PRALLO® Protein Tech is related to the unique mixture of proteins and transglutaminase and its’ obtained effective synergies.


  • Efficient protein network for the stabilisation of a meat matrix
  • Synergetic mixture out of highly quality proteins and transglutaminase
  • Provides and supports the meaty texture of final products
  • Significant improvement in the finished products’ slice ability
  • Resistant to oxidation & no cooling needed

PRIMAL® SK Royal Rapid M – Innovative solution for long-term matured flavour of Mediterranean specialities in a short period of time

With PRIMAL® SK Royal Rapid M, a ripening culture for Mediterranean specialities which was developed to create the mild, full-bodied flavour profile of long-term matured raw sausage in a short time. The use of flavour enhancers, aromas or fine mould cultures is not necessary here. This is a new process technology in the production of starter cultures where yeast is enriched in a special nutrient broth which allows the typical flavour components to develop.


  • Cultivation of defined yeast cultures within a nutrient broth
  • Gentle drying of the ferment
  • The whole flavour of the production process put into one pouch
  • Development of a mild flavour of long term ripened raw sausage


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