Salt reduction – the trend towards an increased health awareness

In Germany, people like to eat hearty and aromatic food. The taste must be convincing. In the past, less attention was paid to the amount of salt contained in our dishes. In recent years, salt has come under strong criticism and consequently also food products with a high salt content.

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The hot counter – your increase in sales

The hot counter has become indispensable and generates continuous turnover with regular customers. Benefit from changes in society and the trend towards fast food on the road and boost enhance your turnovers. Approach great growth opportunities strengthen customer loyalty and make profitable additional sales. Here you can learn more about your benefits at VAN HEES.

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Highest grinding quality made of one of the most state-of-the-art mill in Europe

In Wuppertal, VAN HEES has invested in a latest-generation milling facility. Higher qualitative outcomes with regards to the spice intensity, the fineness and the yield are delivered by the new milling line. The new, gentle milling not only emphasises the throughput; it also ensures that the processing of the spices retains their quality. The main focus, with this new gentle grinding process, is on the quality-maintaining spice-processing and not only the throughput.

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