We proudly present: VAN HEES Imagevideo „WE KNOW HOW“

Just in time for our 75th anniversary, we are putting ourselves in the spotlight: take a look at the VAN HEES World and find out more about us, who we are and what we stand for! 


We know how to solve your challenges

Since 1947, our family has been creating proven solutions to beef, pork, poultry, dry-cured, sausage, and lamb processing manufacturers. At VAN HEES, our patented antimicrobial enhancers, food grade-phosphates, and functional ingredients help solve your challenges and achieve your goals.

We know how to solve your plant based challenges

Let our VECAN™ Plant Based Food by VAN HEES transform your classic proteins into 100% vegan without sacrificing texture, taste, and aroma. Solve your plant base challenges without any off-flavors with our extensive VECAN™ product line. From burgers to bacon, salami to pepperoni, and chicken to seafood, we create solutions that make you stand out.

We know how to develop custom turnkey solutions

Let VAN HEES be your global partner to solve your R&D and go-to-market challenges. With our worldwide expertise for over 70 years, we can be an extension of you to create solutions for each step in your process. From turnkey application recipe\ development and R&D to scale-up support and Quality Assurance, VAN HEES can help you remove the roadblocks, so that you can successfully launch to market.