Salt reduction and VAN HEES

Excessive salt consumption increases the content of sodium ions in the blood, which in turn can lead to higher blood pressure, thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. VAN HEES offers many solutions in the production of salt-reduced food as well as for the reduction of fat and sugar. The familiar, popular taste of the product remains for the healthy indulgence. From boiled ham and boiled sausages to liver sausage – VAN HEES has individual solutions for every application to create and offer nutritionally optimal and tasty products.

Steak Atacamasalz

Ethnic Foods – Authentic Flavors From Overseas

Ethnic Food is a steadily growing demand of consumers and belongs to the fastest-growing product categories. At least once a week most people tend to eat ethnic food.
The intentions vary from the sensation of the authenticity of regional cuisines to new experiences in food and flavors. VAN HEES offers more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing ethnic food items. We are a reliable partner for valuable taste and functional solutions.

MEAT LIKE – Tasty Meat Alternatives

MEAT LIKE, a trend in the food sector that is specifically aiming at the flexitarians among consumers. The flexitarian lifestyle stands for a plant-based diet with occasional inclusion of meat. VAN HEES has developed numerous innovations free from allergens, glutamate, preservatives and GMO’s for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. Different functional solutions enable our customers to be one step ahead within this new and fast-growing food sector.