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Family and career

I am a mother of two children and have been working part-time in Customer Service for over 15 years. With the support of VAN HEES, I can reconcile the demands of family and work life. A great team, flexible working hours and new challenges bring joy and pleasure into my daily work. Tanja S.

Mitarbeiterin Tanja S

Team and advanced training

Advanced training and know-how transfer are the crucial factors for my 14 years affiliation with VAN HEES. At VAN HEES, I completed my apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant. In addition, I did my bachelor’s degree Business Administration at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Fairness, a positive work atmosphere and reliability are particularly important to me as a Team Leader Customer Service. In an internationally operating company with many different employees’ new challenges occur daily, in which I love to contribute to find the best solutions.Jörg H.

Mitarbeiter Jörg H

Executive and children

VAN HEES has accompanied my life for more than 23 years. As the Purchasing Department Manager at the VAN HEES Group and a mother of two teenagers, I manage to balance the demands of work and family life successfully. Working on a team, mastering challenges, taking responsibility, implementing changes, making decisions and, above all, a flexible way of thinking and acting inspire me every day anew. For me, the solidarity and support across different departments are of crucial importance for the long-term success of our company. Petra W.

Mitarbeiterin Petra W

Potential and opportunities

My professional career at VAN HEES began in 2003, today as the Head of a production division, I am responsible for several employees. After my apprenticeship as a “Specialist in Food Technology” at VAN HEES, I gained various experience in the fields of production and quality assurance. Further development is very important to me. Therefore, I completed my additional apprenticeship as a Foreman for Foods” in 2017. Working hand in hand with a team, taking on responsibility and making autonomous decisions motivate me anew every day to do my best. Johannes H.

Mitarbeiter Johannes H