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Highly functional chopping additives

BULLIN® by VAN HEES is all the phosphates you need in one, since the 1950’s. Our innovative 3 in 1, rapidly dissolving, food-grade, functional phosphate product line is specially designed for premium hot dogs, breakfast sausages, sausages (bratwurst, Italian sausage, andouille, kielbasa, etc.), lunch meat, bologna, and whole muscle products.

Produce highly functional, premium encased meats and whole muscle products, while decreasing your manufacturing expenses:

  • Improve yields
  • Improve texture
  • Preserve appearance – Stabilize cured color
  • Increase water binding capacity
  • Added antioxidant function


BULLIN® is versatile and easy to use:

  • Rapidly dissolves in salt and water
  • Available in powder form
  • Add to any encased product (emulsion & ground) and injected (whole muscle)
  • Available in: Halal, Kosher
  • Non-GMO suitable
  • Allergen free