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Highly functional ingredients for your gyro/doner products

PolterGOLD® by VAN HEES is a proven meat and plant based protein binder staple, with over 20 years of experience helping you create the highest quality chopped, ground & formed meat, and poultry products for your customers. Our PolterGOLD® multi-functional, Halal and Kosher meat binder product line will enable you to create culinary favorites with any meat grade.

Produce premium chopped, ground & formed meat, plant based protein products with improved eating experience, while decreasing your manufacturing expenses:

  • Improve yield up to 10%
  • Improve fat binding – Manage cuts of meats
  • Increase water binding capacity
  • Reduce frying loss – More portions to sell
  • Improve sliceability & texture
  • Improve juiciness
  • Reduce mixing time


PolterGOLD® is versatile and easy to use:

  • Rapidly dissolves
  • Available in powder form
  • Add to: Chopped, ground & formed meat, plant based proteins, meatballs, chicken nuggets, patties, kebabs, gyro, doner, etc.
  • Available in: Non-GMO suitable, all natural, clean label
  • Halal
  • Kosher