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Your assurance for product quality

Our North American product brands are there to provide you with the functional ingredients to increase the value of your product and take your innovative ideas to marketable products. Our brands ensure fantastic results and high yields for your products with respect to your individual production protocols. Let us show you how VAN HEES products can align with your recipes for success.


BOMBAL® is your multifunctional antimicrobial ingredient

VAN HEES® branded BOMBAL® products include a wide range of additives designed to extend the shelf life of meat and poultry products by controlling bacterial and pathogen growth. The active components of BOMBAL® products are found in nature, where they have proven very effective in controlling bacterial growth and in slowing down oxidative processes. New A-Natural (all natural) products now available!

BULLIN® is a food grade phosphate

BULLIN® was especially developed for ground and emulsion type products. It dissolves rapidly in the presence of salt and water, will rapidly solubilize meat protein resulting in an improved yield and stable cured color development.

Functional ingredients for your döner / gyro products

VAN HEES® branded PolterGOLD® products include functional ingredients and spice blends for the manufacture of döner / gyro products. From comminuted, whole muscle slices or cubes to patty-disk-döner, PolterGOLD® gives you protection you can rely on. No matter your protein choice; chicken, turkey, pork, beef, veal, lamb, or a combination thereof, PolterGOLD® strengthens the craftsmanship in your production and delivers an exceptional final product. New A-Natural (all natural) products now available!

Your multifunctional ingredient for product enhancement

VAN HEES® branded ZARTIN® products include a wide range of additives developed to increase the water binding capacity, improve end product quality and the eating experience of meat products made from beef, pork or poultry. The water binding effect is caused by the organic acids contained within ZARTIN® that are commonly found in nature and are renowned for their advantages in further processed meat products. New A-Natural (all natural) products now available!

Finest quality additives and spices

We only use selected raw materials of the finest quality and purity in our VAN HEES® branded additives and spices, ensuring safety, quality and functionality of your final products. VAN HEES® additives and spices always give the final product the right flavor; a difference you can taste and smell.

PRIMAL® Ferma Quick hard salami and pepperoni systems

Have your hard salami and pepperoni meet the required MPR in a shorter amount of time utilizing PRIMAL® Ferma Quick Systems. The Ferma Quick Systems use VAN HEES products in addition to VAN HEES (patent pending) manufacturing process to ripen raw sausage extremely fast.