We proudly present: VAN HEES Imagevideo „WE KNOW HOW“

Just in time for our 75th anniversary, we are putting ourselves in the spotlight: take a look at the VAN HEES World and find out more about us, who we are and what we stand for! 


75 years VAN HEES

A success story with a long tradition
With the discovery of the positive effect of added phosphate in the production of meat and sausage products, Kurt van Hees laid the foundation in the field of modern meat technology and for our success 75 years ago, even coining the technical term “processing additive,” which is still used in the industry today. Three-quarters of a century later, we are still very proud to be a family-run company that operates internationally and is respected worldwide in the food industry as a reliable partner for producing high-quality, safe, and tasty products.

Vecan plant-based food

A new product line for plant-based meat alternatives - They look like meat, taste like meat but they are not in fact meat but products that are made based purely on plants. Meat alternatives made of grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts, or fruit are setting the trend. They have posted significant growth rates in the retail trade for years. Now you can discover our new VECAN plant-based food vegan product line. 

Salt reduction – the trend towards an increased health awareness

In Germany, people like to eat hearty and aromatic food. The taste must be convincing. In the past, less attention was paid to the amount of salt contained in our dishes. In recent years, salt has come under strong criticism and consequently also food products with a high salt content.

Steak Atacamasalz

Best milling quality from one of the most cutting-edge mills in Europe

In Wuppertal, VAN HEES has invested in a latest-generation milling facility. Higher qualitative outcomes with regards to the spice intensity, the fineness and the yield are delivered by the new milling line. The new, gentle milling not only emphasises the throughput; it also ensures that the processing of the spices retains their quality. The main focus, with this new gentle grinding process, is on the quality-maintaining spice-processing and not only the throughput.

Pfefferkörner im Glas

Career at VAN HEES

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