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Governments around the world are currently taking proper and important security measures to prevent coronavirus of spreading further. These include the closure of national borders. 

As an important international supplier to the food industry, we as the VAN HEES Group are authorised to continue production and worldwide shipment of our products without any restrictions.  

Not only we, but all companies in the food industry are requested to maintain business operations even under Corona to ensure the supply of food to the population. In order to be able to provide you with the best possible support in fulfilling this important mission, we have taken extensive measures at all VAN HEES locations worldwide to ensure that we can continue to supply you with our usual uncompromising quality, even under these special circumstances. The protection of our employees is our top priority. All our business processes, including production and logistics, are running smoothly.  

Let us master this extraordinary time together. But above all, stay healthy!

*Update 30 March 2020

Salt reduction – the trend towards an increased health awareness

In Germany, people like to eat hearty and aromatic food. The taste must be convincing. In the past, less attention was paid to the amount of salt contained in our dishes. In recent years, salt has come under strong criticism and consequently also food products with a high salt content.

Steak Atacamasalz

Best milling quality from one of the most cutting-edge mills in Europe

In Wuppertal, VAN HEES has invested in a latest-generation milling facility. Higher qualitative outcomes with regards to the spice intensity, the fineness and the yield are delivered by the new milling line. The new, gentle milling not only emphasises the throughput; it also ensures that the processing of the spices retains their quality. The main focus, with this new gentle grinding process, is on the quality-maintaining spice-processing and not only the throughput.

Pfefferkörner im Glas

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