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MEAT LIKE – the meat-free alternative

Nutritionally-conscious consumers are constantly searching for alternative options in order to enjoy a balanced and healthy diet. Here, the most important aspects are the proteins content, dietary fibres and unsaturated fatty acids. Frequently, the consumption of meat on certain days is consciously abstained or a great deal of emphasis is placed on particularly good quality of meat while shopping. If the consumer is interested in plant-based alternatives, a difference in the appearance and taste compared to meat-based will not be accepted.

Delicious taste

Great meatless alternatives are characterized by an attractive appearance, a distinctive texture and a delicious taste. With carefully selected raw materials and innovative technologies, VAN HEES offers a wide range of products for a vegetarian and vegan diet. Furthermore, in cooperation with our partners, we constantly develop individual solutions in order to be in line with market requirements. We are continuously expanding our know-how across the entire process chain and can thus generate new innovations in the diverse field of alternative protein sources.

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Vecan - a new product line for plant-based meat alternatives

Under the VECAN name, we present our new vegan product line, whose components include the complete range of expertise in production and technological guidance, recipes, application videos, the required quality additives, and spice blends as well as packaging design. To initiate VECAN we show you our vegan burger patties, vegan schnitzel, vegan fish croquettes and vegan hot dogs.