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Commitment to the environment and climate

VAN HEES is committed to sustainable manufacturing processes and therefore only partners with manufacturing plants who share this belief. At VAN HEES, we have been able to achieve increased run rates through our efficient production processes, therefore utilizing less energy overall in our manufacturing processes. Through improved processes and methods in our day-to-day procedures, we will continue to monitor our environmental commitment and climate commitment to ensure that we are making a positive environmental impact.

At VAN HEES social commitment means taking an active role in making an impact in people’s lives. Our commitment is not just to giving back to our local community, but the global community. In Walluf, Germany our philanthropic effort is focused on giving back to the annual Aktionstag Ehrensache, AKA Action Day A Matter of Honor. Where businesses and consumers come together to create bonds, while achieving their goals for the day. In South Africa we work closely with the Themba Labantu – Hope for the People, which aids to improve the living situations of the people in Cape Town through education, youth activities, soup kitchens, and making & selling products that generate an income.

Commitment to employee development

VAN HEES has always strived to provide our employees with the tools to achieve excellence throughout their careers. The core tool to achieve this has been advanced employee training. This tool ensures our ongoing commitment to the highest standards in order to achieve maximum productivity. Because of this, each employee understands the mission and vision of VAN HEES and continues to contribute to our growth.