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Food.PreTECT by VAN HEES is our innovative research and development center that is focused on customized solutions for food safety, product stability, and shelf life. Our team of Laboratory Scientists continuously: Develop concepts that ensure the manufacturing of more stable and safe foods, screen the efficacy of microorganisms for new and natural raw materials, seek out the newest and most innovative solutions in R&D through our partnerships with international universities and research institutions, and conduct on-site risk assessments throughout the product lifecycle to ensure you receive the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Food.PreTECT Food Safety Concept 1: Detect and protect

The detect and protect concept researches the optimization of food stability and food safety. Applying a specific type of scientific laboratory analyses, such as genomics or
gene sequencing, we are able to detect food spoilage and fight the germs and predetermined microorganisms causing the spoilage—food protection at its best!

Food.PreTECT Food Safety Concept 2: Listeria control

The listeria control concept addresses the sensitive issue of protection against listeria, specifically when referring to the Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 on microbiological food
safety and process hygiene criteria for foodstuffs in Europe.

Food.PreTECT Food Safety Concept 3: Safety and freshness evaluation

The safety and freshness evaluation concept [SAFE] is our laboratory approach to the evaluation of food safety and food stability during the development of new product and
existing products. Our evaluation is based on a three-step hurdle technology.