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Leading edge innovation through science

VAN HEES believes in:

  • An open innovation platform that utilizes applied science, while partnering with our customers
  • Researching cutting-edge innovations for raw materials & science-based technologies
  • Commited research for individual solutions finding

VAN HEES innovation doesn’t just stop in our labs in Germany and France, we partner with over 20 universities & research institutions worldwide, such as The Ohio State and the University of Tennessee.

Global solutions through innovation

VAN HEES is committed to solving the challenges of both individual and worldwide solutions. We support you with cutting-edge technologies and novel raw materials. In our developement process we are focussing outside of the box thinking on types of food.    

  • Cutting-edge technologies and novel raw materials science
  • Outside of the box thinking on types of food
  • Food safety and stability
  • Flavor enhancement and chemistry on the molecular level
  • Haptic texture development
  • Plant based
  • Functional nutrition enhancement by determining the biological value of protein
  • Research for alternative natural and organic raw material solutions
  • Nutritional optimization
  • Partnering in sustainable manufacturing