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“Prepare a vegan product easy and quick"

No matter whether you sell it fresh, cooked or frozen; as patties, veggie-balls or croquettes - there are no limits in shape or taste when combining your vegetables with our PRALLO® Vegetables Quick Vegan oGAF. You can use this complete compound, to produce vegan products, with less effort: simply cold stir, mix in the vegetables, shape the products – and done!


  • No declarable allergens 
  • Can be sold raw, cooked or frozen
  • Manual production possible (no need for special machines)
  • Shape stability of the fresh products 
  • Freeze and thaw stable

“Your grilling cheese with PRALLO® Grilled Cheese”

Many consumers want to eat more consciously, that´s why meat-free days are part of consumers daily dinner and snack plans with increasing frequency. Take advantage of this trend and tap into this new sales potential. Mincing, filling, and boiling are all well-known processes. By using PRALLO® Grilled Cheese you can easily can produce your own grilling cheese with a safe and standardized quality.

Grilling cheese with PRALLO® Grilled Cheese

  • Only a few ingredients 
  • Production is similar to a boiled sausage
  • No additional technical equipment
  • Just a few simple steps for a highly versatile product
  • Excellent further processing in meat products
  • Award: “From our own production”

Listeria - Protect your food until consumption!

The harmful bacteria multiply within a wide temperature spectrum and a wide pH range. They can grow very well even with a low water content (aw-value) and in air, in modified atmosphere packaging as well as vacuum-packed goods. For more than 50 years VAN HEES has offered successfully highly effective and specially designed BOMBAL® freshness keepers, to prevent the growth of germs (especially Listeria monocytogenes). The product range of BOMBAL® ensures the safety of the food products even under unfavorable conditions. Additionally, BOMBAL® products provide food stability, meaning microbial spoilage suppression until they are consumed!