Ready to heat

Our new VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Quick Basissauce oG and our VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Quick Bratensauce oGAF make it easy to produce a wide variety of ready-to-eat dishes quickly. Thanks to the cold-swelling sauce system, all the ingredients remain in suspension during production, so you get an even distribution in each sales unit.

Vecan plant-based food

A new product line for plant-based meat alternatives - They look like meat, taste like meat but they are not in fact meat but products that are made based purely on plants. Meat alternatives made of grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts, or fruit are setting the trend. They have posted significant growth rates in the retail trade for years. Now you can discover our new VECAN plant-based food vegan product line. 

No chance for Listeria

Perishable foods are highly monitored from surveillance authorities. These goods are strictly controlled by mainly of very resistant microorganisms such as Listeria monocytogenes. They find optimal conditions in meat and sausage products.

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