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Our new products for a successful barbecue season

VAN HEES® Kräuter Deluxe oS oGAF item no. 256 212

This salt-free herbal mixture consisting of coarsely ground ingredients can be used in nearly every dish to add a fresh note of herbs and spices such as parsley, chives, and onion to your meat, sausage, and barbecue specialties.

VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Onion-Bacon Taste oGAF item no. 206 182

This dark red marinade imparts every barbecue and meat specialty a strong taste of bacon and onions. The seasoning oil is visually striking with its dark red color and coarse components. It´s an excellent choice for all barbecue specialties such as steaks, meat skewers, and medallions.

VANTASIA® Classic Grill oG item no. 207 599

This fine, red-colored barbecue spice is universally usable and easy to dose. Its typical taste will have you reaching again and again for this classic barbecue spice that tastes of peppers with onion and a spicy note.

PRALLO® Grilled Cheese item no. 101 050

PRALLO® Grilled Cheese is a compound to increase the binding capacity for the production of grilled cheese. It gives the final product a firm consistency and allows it to keep its shape when fried in a pan or on the grill. The fine melt are pursued by the processing of cheese and cream within the cutter. Depending on the dosage, a firmer or softer cheese can be produced. A barbecue alternative that is highly versatile in terms of taste and appearance.

Unique flavours – At home on the grill

In many countries and cultures around the world, barbecuing is simply part of enjoying getting together with friends or family. Colourful and multifaceted, plus with each individual’s different taste preferences. The new VANTASIA® products and the new VAN HEES® Kräuter Deluxe oS oGAF allow you to offer a wide variety of flavours and potential uses at your counter as barbecue season begins.

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