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Our new products for a successful barbecue season

VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Thai Curry oG Art.No. 206 188

This spicy and full-bodied taste will be refined by a variety of intense spices. A fine coconut note adds the extra taste to this flavour. This gourmet oil is an excellent choice for barbecued chicken dishes. Enjoy our new flavour experience.

VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Tandoori oGAF, Art.-Nr. 242 032

The taste of one of the most popular Asian dishes in Europe! The deep red oil marinade underlines the versatility of the Indian specialty and due to the full-bodied composition of coriander and ginger your grill specialities get a touch of Asia style taste.

VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Braumeister oG, Art.-Nr. 206 181

With our new gourmet oil, every grill master can be also to a master brewer! Due to the contained pure pilsner with fine notes of barley, malt, hops and the combination out of spicy onions and rubbed parsley generates for a full taste. The mix of all ingredients creates a real “Brauhaus” feeling.

VANTASIA® Grillpower oGAF, Art.-Nr. 206 185

Now it´s time to be brave - bring the power to your counter! The intensely bright red colour enhances an appetizing look of all your grill specialties. The delicate classic taste of sweet paprika, paired with aromatic onion, is a pleasure for every palate!

Salads and dips for gourmets

A successful barbecue evening includes not only delicious meat, but also tasty side dishes. By using the new VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Marinade San Mato oG Art.-No. 201 552 and VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Marinade Kräuterfee oG Art.-No. 201 530 you can quickly and easily develop delicious specialities. These new creations are highlights for each barbeque evening as well as for every catering.

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