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More than just an employer

What is primarily characteristic for a family? You stand together, you care for each other, united you go through ups and if necessary, you support one another, and you have fun together. These values are firmly anchored in the moral concept of VAN HEES. For more then 75 years, the company has is in the responsibility of the van Hees family. In the personnel sector, for Julia van Hees and Brigitte van Hees it is of great importance to stand united. As a result, of more than 500 employees, approximately 150 have been with the company for more than ten years, some for 30 years and more. Thus, we have combined knowledge and experiences that make VAN HEES one of the leading companies in the industry and an attractive employer throughout the Rhine-Main region. At VAN HEES, employees can have the opportunity to develop and specialise in a wide range of different professions. Regardless whether domestically or internationally, we operate on a global basis and therefore, benefit from developments world-wide. Being a reliable and, above all, being a long-term employer is our important concern. We provide the flexibility to combine a professional career with family planning requirements.