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Tips and trends

“Easy and quick to prepare a vegan product "

No matter whether you sell it fresh, cooked or frozen; as patties, veggi-balls or croquettes - there are no limits in shape or taste while combining your vegetables with our PRALLO® Vegetables Quick Vegan oGAF. You can use this complete compound to produce vegan products with less effort: simply stir cold, mix in the vegetables, shape - done!

The advantages

  • No declarable allergens 
  • Can be sold raw, cooked or frozen
  • Manual production possible (no need for special machines)
  • Shape stability of the fresh products 
  • Freeze and thaw stable

“Your grilling cheese by using a cutter”

Many consumers want to eat more consciously, that´s why meat-free days are planned with increasing frequency. Take advantage of this trend and tap into this potential. Mincing, filling, and boiling are all well-known processes. By using PRALLO® Grilled Cheese you easly can produce your own grilling cheese with a safe and standardize quality.

Grilling cheese with PRALLO® Grilled Cheese

  • Only a few ingredients 
  • Production is similar to a boiled sausage
  • No additional technical equipement
  • Just a few simple steps for a highly versatile product
  • Excellent further processing in meat products
  • Award: “From our own production”

Listeria - Protect your food until consumption!

The harmful bacteria multiply in a wide temperature spectrum and wide pH range. Furthermore, they can grow very well even with a low content of water (aw-value) and in loose or under protective gas as well as vacuum-packed goods. For more than 50 years VAN HEES has offered successfully highly effective and specially designed BOMBAL® freshness keepers to prevent the growth of germs (especially Listeria monocytogenes). The product range of BOMBAL® ensures the safety of the food products even under unfavourable conditions. Additionally, BOMBAL® products provide food stability, meaning no microbial spoilage until consumption.

For more information, please contact your VAN HEES sales representative or contact us via Email: info(at)van-hees.com.