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Tips and trends

Effortlessly meatless

Take further advantage of the vegetarian & vegan trend with our PRALLO® Grilled Cheese or PRALLO® Gemüse-Quick oGAF. In addition, help yourself to new sales arguments by combining them with VANTASIA® Panier-Quick NP 50 oGAF as an egg substitute and our breadings VANTASIA®-Panade. It’s easy to successfully produce your own vegan/vegetarian products. Whether breaded, as balls or slices, be the person people come to for all their barbecuing needs.

Listeria - Protect your food until consumption!

The harmful bacteria multiply in a wide temperature spectrum and wide pH range. Furthermore, they can grow very well even with a low content of water (aw-value) and in loose or under protective gas as well as vacuum-packed goods. For more than 50 years VAN HEES has offered successfully highly effective and specially designed BOMBAL® freshness keepers to prevent the growth of germs (especially Listeria monocytogenes). The product range of BOMBAL® ensures the safety of the food products even under unfavourable conditions. Additionally, BOMBAL® products provide food stability, meaning no microbial spoilage until consumption.

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