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Hybrid Food with VAN HEES® Gemüse Mix Vegan oGAF

Hybrid meat products is the best solution for consumers who still love to eat meat while protecting their health and the environment. The combination of meat with plant-based ingredients like vegetables or plant proteins creates excellent final product. By using our VAN HEES® Gemüse Mix Vegan oGAF, the meat amount of an authentic meat product is reduced by a high proportion of healthy vegetables, resulting in delicious and various products. With our hybrid recipes, health consciousness, responsibility for the environment and the joy of discovery to create tasty dishes can be harmoniously combined.
Explore our hybrid hot dog recipe.

Produce quick and easy meatless classics

Continue to take advantage of the vegan trend with our new VAN HEES® DIY Burger Vegan oGAF and VAN HEES® DIY Cevapcici Vegan oGAF. Technology, colour, taste, texture, and food safety combined in one single product. Produce your own safe and stable vegan products by using our new “all in one” VAN HEES products . Be the contact person when it comes to present the entire range of grilling.

Listeria - Protect your food until consumption!

The harmful bacteria multiply in a wide temperature spectrum and wide pH range. Furthermore, they can grow very well even with a low content of water (aw-value) and in loose or under protective gas as well as vacuum-packed goods. For more than 50 years VAN HEES has offered successfully highly effective and specially designed BOMBAL® freshness keepers to prevent the growth of germs (especially Listeria monocytogenes). The product range of BOMBAL® ensures the safety of the food products even under unfavourable conditions. Additionally, BOMBAL® products provide food stability, meaning no microbial spoilage until consumption.

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