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Ready to heat

Even more variety with the new VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Quick Basissauce oG and VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Quick Bratensauce oGAF for preparing a wide range of ready-to-eat dishes in no time at all. Simply mix all the ingredients, fill them into the desired sales units, and cook them afterward. Thanks to the cold-swelling sauce system, all the ingredients remain in suspension during production, so you are guaranteed to get an even distribution in each sales unit. Ideal for your cold and hot counters, party service, or as a complete dish on a meal tray, completely in accordance with the principle of “ready to heat”!

Listeria - Protect your food until consumption!

The harmful bacteria multiply in a wide temperature spectrum and wide pH range. Furthermore, they can grow very well even with a low content of water (aw-value) and in loose or under protective gas as well as vacuum-packed goods. For more than 50 years VAN HEES has offered successfully highly effective and specially designed BOMBAL® freshness keepers to prevent the growth of germs (especially Listeria monocytogenes). The product range of BOMBAL® ensures the safety of the food products even under unfavourable conditions. Additionally, BOMBAL® products provide food stability, meaning no microbial spoilage until consumption.

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