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Tips and trends

Optimal cooked product results

Heat treatment provides many meat, convenience, and vegan products with their typical characteristics while also extending their shelf life. Using the right VAN HEES® processing additives can make production and the end product even safer.

Hybrid products – on-trend

Practically everyone is talking about hybrid products. Take full advantage of this trend and offer your customers high-quality meat-vegetable compositions. VAN HEES will put its years of expertise and the right products at your service to help you implement your ideas and achieve optimum results!  

Produce quick and easy meatless classics

Continue to take advantage of the vegan trend with our new VAN HEES® DIY Burger Vegan oGAF, VAN HEES® DIY Cevapcici Vegan oGAF and VAN HEES® DIY Frikadelle Vegan oGAF. Technology, colour, taste, texture, and food safety combined in one single product. Produce your own safe and stable vegan products by using our new “all in one” VAN HEES products . Be the contact person when it comes to present the entire range of grilling.

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