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Here is where you will find a selection of chef’s recipes with tasty trend and product ideas.


With pea protein base

63.00 % iced water +/- 0 °C

Primary ingredients
30.00 % VAN HEES® DIY Cevapcici Vegan oGAF item no. 207617
7.00 % vegetable oil (rape), cold

Add water, vegetable oil (rape) and VAN HEES® DIY Cevapcici Vegan oGAF to the bowl chopper or mixer. Mix in slow gear without cutting until everything fully mixed. Rest for 30 minutes to achieve best formability. Form in desired shape. Freeze and pack as usual.

GOURMET – “Lemon Pepper” BBQ Pockets

Ready to cook and marinated pork pockets with pineapple and leek – fruity and peppery

1000g  pork loin meat pocket

Primary ingredients
Per kg of primary ingredients
100.00 g VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Lemon Pepper oGAF item no. 207614 
15.00 g ZARTIN® Gourmet CA item no. 100112

For the filling
150.00 g pineapple, fresh, diced
150.00 g leek rings
20.00 g MARKLAND® Rosa Beeren item no. 435300

Mix the pork pockets with ZARTIN® Gourmet CA. Then make a filling from MARKLAND® Rosa Beeren, the pineapple cubes, and the leek rings. Afterwards fill the tenderized pork pockets with the previously prepared mixture and fix with a wooden skewer. Marinate the pork pockets in VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Lemon Pepper oGAF. Arrange the finished BBQ pockets in your service counter.


Ready-to-eat prepared and marinated lentil salad with chicken breast – fruity

250 g black lentils, cooked
250 g red lentils, cooked
175 g chicken breast cooked, diced
175 g tangerine segments (canned)
150 g vegetable cubes, frozen (carrot, celery, leek)

Primary ingredients
Per kg of primary ingredients
65 g VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Orange Ingwer oGAF item. no. 65 247465
35 g white wine vinegar (6%)

Sauté the vegetable cubes either briefly in a frying pan with a little oil or in a convection oven at 100 °C for 3 minutes. Gently mix the cooked lentils with the VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Orange Ingwer oGAF and the white wine vinegar. Then add all the other ingredients and fold in carefully. Arrange the finished salad in your serving counter.


Ready-to-eat grilling cheese made of 66% Gouda and chilies – perfect for grilling or frying

70% Gouda 45% FiDM
20% ice water +/- 0 °C
10% cream (30% fat)

40 g PRALLO® Grilled Cheese item no. 101050
5 g BULLIN® LP flüssig item no. 100523
3 g salt
12 g MARKLAND® Chillies crushed 1-3mm item no. 402224

Roughly dice the cheese, place it in the cutter, fine cutting, add the cream and ice water. Add the PRALLO® Grilled Cheese, BULLIN® LP flüssig and salt. Mix it up at high gear until a consistent mass is achieved. Then add the MARKLAND® Chillies crushed 1-3 mm and mix well again. Stuff the finished mass in sterile casings and boil them at 78 °C to a core temperature of 72 °C. The following day, cut in the desired thickness and marinate as desired or coat with breadcrumbs.


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