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Primary ingredients for the vegan mince
630 g ice water +/- 0 °C
300 g VAN HEES® DIY Cevapcici Vegan oGAF item no. 207617
70 g rapeseed oil

For the primary ingredients
300 g wheat tortillas

For the outer seasoning
80 g VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Döner Style oGAF item no. 207628

Put the ice water and rapeseed oil in the cutter and cut briefly until the ice is crushed. On mixing speed, sprinkle in VAN HEES® DIY Cevapcici Vegan oGAF and mix for approx. 4½ minutes. Refrigerate the finished mixture for at least 30 minutes. Spread the finished mixture evenly on a wheat tortilla. Roll the tortilla up tightly and cut it evenly into thick slices. Thread the slices onto a skewer and brush with VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Döner Style oGAF. Present the finished skewers in your service counter.

CHEESE – “Caprese” sausage

Boiled fine sausage with mozzarella and tomato flakes, typical Italian seasoning

For the primary ingredients
45% S III pork, 3 mm, frozen
20% pork cheeks
17% S VIII back fat, frozen
18% ice water +/- 0 °C

Per total mass
150 g Mozzarella, 45% fat i.d.m.
18 g salt
5 g BULLIN® LP Ultra, item no. 107015
1 g VAN HEES® Brät Stabil, item no. 100107
12 g VAN HEES® Käsewurst oGAF, item no. 207647
20 g MARKLAND® Tomatenflocken getrocknet, item no. 411408
5 g MARKLAND® Pizza Gewürzmischung,  item no. 433200
2 g MARKLAND® Knoblauchgranulat,  item no. 410420

Grind the meat and fat separately to 3 mm and freeze lightly. Mince the mozzarella to 8 mm. Cut the meat with table salt, BULLIN® LP Ultra, VAN HEES® Käsewurst oGAF, and VAN HEES® Brät Stabil for a few rounds. Add half of the filler and cut at high speed to 0 °C. Add the fat and cut at high speed to 8 °C. Add the rest of the ice and cut at high speed to 10 °C. Add the mozzarella, MARKLAND® Knoblauchgranulat, MARKLAND® Tomatenflocken getrocknet, and MARKLAND® Pizza Gewürzmischung, cutting to the desired consistency. Stuff into 22/24 natural casings. To activate the VAN HEES® Brät Stabil, heat the cheese sausage at 45 °C for approx. 40 minutes and then boil to a core temperature of 72 °C.

“Smoked pepper” grilled pork belly skewers

Ready-to-cook and marinated pork belly slices with a smoky note

Primary ingredients
1,000 g pork belly, boneless without rind

Per kg of meat
15 g ZARTIN® Gourmet CA,  item no. 100112
100 g VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl geräucherte Paprika oGAF item no. 207646

Slice the pork belly thinly from the long side. Rub the strips of pork belly with ZARTIN® Gourmet CA. Then thread the pork belly slices onto a skewer and marinate with VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl geräucherte Paprika oGAF. Arrange the finished grilled pork belly skewers at your counter.

“Veggie mix” hybrid slice

Meat product with turkey meat and 29% vegetables – cured 

60.00% turkey meat  
10.00% iced water +/-0 °C
         For the vegetables: 
20.00% iced water +/- 0 °C
10.00 % VAN HEES® Gemüse Mix Vegan oGAF, item no. 207 606

Per kg total mass
20.00 g  curing salt
10.00 g  PRALLO® AL Fest, item no. 147 538
10.00 g  SCHINKO® Perfekt oGAF, item no. 107 016
6.00 g  VAN HEES® Die Feine oGAF, item no. 209 985
5.00 g  BOMBAL® Fresh AL, item no. 101 138
3.00 g  SMAK® Gourmet oGAF, item no. 107 235

Per kg of vegetables
5.00 g  VAN HEES® pH-Optimal, item no. 153 563

Mix the VAN HEES® pH-Optimal with the iced water for the vegetables and use it to rehydrate the VAN HEES® Gemüse Mix Vegan oGAF. Allow the mixture to rest for at least 1 hour (ideally overnight). Mince the turkey meat to 13 mm. Mix the curing salt, PRALLO® AL Fest, SCHINKO® Perfekt oGAF, VAN HEES® Die Feine oGAF, BOMBAL® Fresh AL, and SMAK® Gourmet oGAF with the appropriate amount of water. Now add the minced meat, rehydrated vegetables, and the remaining ingredients to the tumbler. Tumble at 15 rpm for about 2 hours. Stuff the mixture into desired casings and poach at 78 °C to a core temperature of 75 °C. Then allow them to cool and store them in cold storage.


Ready-to-eat vegan pea protein mince with vegetables

Primary ingredients for the vegan mince
630.00 g iced water +/- 0 °C
300.00 g VAN HEES® DIY Cevapcici Vegan oGAF, item no. 207617
70.00 g rapeseed oil

For the sauce
1,000.0 g water
150.00 g VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Quick Bolognese oGAF, item no. 207566
225.00 g corn kernels, drained (canned)
225.00 g kidney beans

Put the iced water and rapeseed oil in the cutter and cut briefly until the ice is crushed finely. On mixing speed, add in the VAN HEES® DIY Cevapcici Vegan oGAF and mix for approx. 4½ minutes. Refrigerate the finished mixture for at least 30 minutes. In the meantime, mix the VANTASIA® Bolognese Quick oGAF with the water. Fry the cooled DIY mixture in a pan to the desired degree of roasting. Then add the prepared sauce and the vegetables to the fryed DIY mixture in the pan. Spoon the finished chili sin carne into the desired heat-stable closed containers and pasteurise at 80 °C for approx. 1 hour. Then cool and store at 7 °C.

GOURMET – “Lemon Pepper” BBQ Pockets

Ready to cook and marinated pork pockets with pineapple and leek – fruity and peppery

Primary ingredients
1000g  pork loin meat pocket

Per kg of primary ingredients
100.00 g VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Lemon Pepper oGAF item no. 207614 
15.00 g ZARTIN® Gourmet CA item no. 100112

For the filling
150.00 g pineapple, fresh, diced
150.00 g leek rings
20.00 g MARKLAND® Rosa Beeren item no. 435300

Mix the pork pockets with ZARTIN® Gourmet CA. Then make a filling from MARKLAND® Rosa Beeren, the pineapple cubes, and the leek rings. Afterwards fill the tenderized pork pockets with the previously prepared mixture and fix with a wooden skewer. Marinate the pork pockets in VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Lemon Pepper oGAF. Arrange the finished BBQ pockets in your service counter.

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