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Here is where you will find a selection of chef’s recipes with tasty trend and product ideas.

The perfect partner for a barbecue night

Noodle salad Piri Piri

Ready-to-eat spicy noodle salad – slightly sweet, fruity – product pass no.: 8912

400 g boiled sausage in strips
200 g pickles, diced
250 g mayonnaise
400 g peppers, red, yellow, green
500 g fusilli, cooked
250 g VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Sauce Piri Piri oGAF item no. 241 377

[Translate to English:] Rezept Piri Piri Nudelsalat

Mix the VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Sauce Piri Piri oGAF with the mayonnaise and stir well. Wash the peppers, scoop them out and cut into small cubes. Add the remaining ingredients. Arrange the salad in a bowl or in a “to-go” cup in the serving counter.

A breath of fresh air for your counter

Roulade magic

Pork roulade spit, kitchen-ready and marinated, filled with bacon – product pass no.: 10503

800 g pork loin roulades
200 g pork bacon in slices

100 g VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Senfzauber oG item no. 204753 (gourmet oil – mustard magic)
15 g ZARTIN® Gourmet CA item no. 100112

[Translate to English:] Rezept Rouladenzauber

Cut the pork loin into thin roulades and mix with ZARTIN® Gourmet CA. Lay the pre-marinated roulades in a row and coat with one-half of the VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Senfzauber oG. Then cover the roulades with the bacon and roll up from the wide side. Place the filled roulades one behind the other in spit length and skewer them at even intervals. Finally, marinade the roulades on the outside with the rest of the VANTASIA® Schlemmer-Öl Senfzauber oG; then cut through between the spits. Arrange the roulade spits in the service counter.

Barbecue time is bratwurst time

Bratwurst - Salsiccia

Raw, coarse Italian style bratwurst – with a slight fennel note – product pass no.: 5750

60% pork S II
40% pork belly S IV

18 g table salt
5 g BOMBAL® item no. 100 744
2 g SMAK® Gourmet oGAF item no. 107 235
2 g MARKLAND® Fenchel gemahlen, item no. 423 108 (ground fennel)
18 g PRIMAL® Chorizo oGAF item no. 201 548
100 g red wine

[Translate to English:] Bratwurst Salsiccia

Cut the pork S II and the pork belly S IV into fist-sized pieces. Then mix the meat well with table salt, BOMBAL®, PRIMAL® Chorizo oGAF and Smak® Gourmet oGA; stir well. Put the spiced meat in the meat chopper and mince to 5 mm (basic chopper attachment). Add red wine and MARKLAND® ground fennel to the minced mass and mix until a slight cohesion comes about. Fill the finished mass in sheep casings 22/24 and arrange accordingly in the service counter.

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