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Food technology specialist

Today, foods are produced automatically and commercially. The necessary machinery is operated by specialists in food technology. If you are interested in producing foods from raw materials and semi-finished products according to specified recipes, this will be the best profession. By completing this apprenticeship, you acquire a comprehensive qualification that can be used in many sub-sectors of the food industry and also for employment alternatives.

Food technology specialists

  • Planning and organising order-related work flows
  • Controlling, operating and monitoring production equipment and packaging facilities
  • Recognising faults in the production flows; taking measures to safeguard production processes
  • Storing materials
  • Product-specific cleaning, upkeep and maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • Documenting process-relevant and quality-relevant data

Industrial management assistant

Not merely an office job – this is about business processes: planning and implementing projects as well as optimising already existing processes. If you opt for this apprenticeship, you will learn how to apply your skills in typical fields such as Marketing, Accounting, Purchasing, Order Processing and Human Resources. In addition, at VAN HEES you have the opportunity to become more familiar with other fields, like Quality Assurance, Specifications, General Food Law as well as Research and Development.

Industrial management assistants

  • Acquiring basic knowledge in the areas of Purchasing and Materials Management
  • Planning, controlling and monitoring the production processes
  • Gathering practical experience in the fields of customer acquisition, order processing in Germany and abroad
  • Learning about the financial and business accounting processes
  • Acquiring knowledge in marketing and promotional measures as well as implementation and evaluation of market and competitor analyses


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