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A chunk of pleasure – Delectable when grated

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Our vegan cheese alternative is simply moovelous!

Attention vegans: Anyone who’s had to do without the typical taste of cheese in such classics as pizza and casseroles can now look forward to enjoying this treat. With our new product VECAN® Vegan Cheese like, we have developed the ideal formulation so that you no longer have to go without the typical taste of cheese and that melt-in-the-mouth consistency with pizzas, casseroles & more. 
The texture, appearance and, above all, the full aroma of VECAN® Vegan Cheese like are in no way inferior to animal products. It’s also the ideal addition to vegan burgers or hot dogs. This fool-proof formulation made from high-quality ingredients is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, plus it’s sugar-free and lactose-free. The formulation results in a firm block that you can use just like grated cheese to turn your dishes into culinary delights. No need to go without! Our vegan cheese alternative is a chunk of pleasure and simply delectable when grated.  

Vegan Cheese like from VECAN®

  • High unsaturated fat
  • Sugar-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Easy to manufacture
  • Typical, excellent taste
  • Good texture
  • Odour and taste like typical, real cheese
  • For sale in fresh or frozen condition for convenience
  • Perfect solution for gratinated specialities (e. g. pizza)

What’s behind our success? It’s no secret!

Watch our product video to see how easily our VECAN® Vegan Cheese like can be created in your production facility. One hundred percent marketability, all the necessary processing additives, and technological compatibility are a matter of course with our products. 
Contact your VAN HEES sales consultant or write to us: info(at)van-hees.com.