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Acting responsibly

For VAN HEES, acting responsibly means first and foremost creating awareness of the entire environment, especially of all those with whom VAN HEES collaborates. Based on this responsibility, VAN HEES is committed to the active implementation of occupational safety and accident prevention measures.

Climate and the environment

Targeted investments in efficient production processes enable high capacity with simultaneous energy savings. The sustainable use of resources through efficient production methods is an important part of our day-to-day work. Annual audits in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard and the ECOCERT seal confirm the commitment of VAN HEES and the continuous further development in this field.

Social commitment

For VAN HEES, social commitment means taking an active part in society. We are involved in various projects in the community of Walluf for many years. Symbolic for this is our annual participation in the “Aktionstag Ehresache”. It is a matter of the heart for us to support social and charitable institutions in pre-defined projects. In addition, VAN HEES cooperates for years closely with the aid project “Themby Labantu – Hoffnung für die Menschen”, organised by Pastor Otto Kohlstock at a community centre in the Philippi township of Capetown, South Africa.

Progress through targeted employee development

VAN HEES always strives for excellence in all company divisions. Focused training and further advanced training programmes for employees guarantee a high standard of qualification and productivity. Each employee is enabled to contribute to the relevant work processes and consequently make optimum and responsibly use of their performance.