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Food safety – Food.PreTECT

The newly established competence center Food.PreTECT is led by a group of VAN HEES experts who develop individual solutions for food producers in the area of food safety and food stability. The experts perform risk assessments and develop tailor-made solutions for our customers. They aim to achieve safety at all stages of the product life cycle as well as a guarantee for fresh and high-quality products throughout their shelf life.

Food.PreTECT works with the following three concepts, among others:

Detect & Protect

Detect & Protect – deals with the optimisation of food stability and safety through specific analyses like genomics (gene sequencing) in order to identify spoilage- and risk-related germs.

Listeria Control Concept

Listeria Control Concept – addresses the sensitive issue of protection against listeria, specifically with regards to the EU Regulation 2073 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs.

S | A | F | E

Safety & Freshness Evaluation – an approach for the valuation of food safety and -stability during the development of a new products as well as when reviewing existing products. For that reason, Food.PreTECT designed an analysis based on a three-step hurdle technology.