Forschung und Entwicklung Labor
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Research and Development

Knowledge is continually expanding. To stay a step ahead, VAN HEES provides a team of 20 developers, who are dedicated to guaranty a high-quality standard for our customers by transferring the latest results from scientific investigations and research into their developments.

Competence Center Food.PreTECT

Customized analysis, comprehensive consultancy, individual solutions

Nowadays, food has to fulfill a multitude of different criteria. Apart from the taste and the appearance, food safety and food stability play a fundamental role. Therefore, VAN HEES established the new competence center FOOD.PreTECT. Individual risk analyses regarding freshness and safety of the customers’ food production are carried out by a group of highly experienced experts. If action is required, these risk analyses provide effective customized solutions.

Department of Science

Innovative and future-oriented

At the headquarter location Walluf, this new department works hand in hand with universities and research institutes on new raw materials and technologies that are not yet in the market place. It is not simply a matter of basic research but committed to finding individual solutions for a wide range of different requirements and problems. VAN HEES customers worldwide can benefit from all achieved results.