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BOMBAL® offers a range of highly effective agents for keeping food fresh and ensuring the preservation of freshness and safety in meat products. All across the food industry, the specially matched compositions ensure inhibition of bacterial growth, enhances colour stabilization and thus creating impeccable sensory properties (appearance, smell, taste, texture) in the end product. With BOMBAL®, fresh things stay fresh longer!

BOMBAL® at a glance:

  • Inhibition of bacterial growth
  • Stabilisation of the micro-flora
  • High degree of food safety
  • Retention of freshness
  • Impeccable sensory properties


The emulsifiers of our LEMAL® brand, combines highly functional additives that, by emulsifying fat and water, contribute significantly to the consistency and thus the taste of the end products. Flawless products can be made by only using a small amount of the additive.

LEMAL® at a glance:

  • Stabilising the consistency and texture
  • Improving firmness
  • Typical feeling in the mouth
  • Avoidance of jelly and fat deposits
  • Safe production
  • Standardised quality


PRIMAL® stands for top-notch raw sausage preparations. Put together individually for the respective area of application, PRIMAL® products ensure a safe maturing process, attractive appearance and the inimitable taste of raw sausages. The long-standing experience of our raw sausage specialists has been incorporated in PRIMAL®.

PRIMAL® at a glance:

  • Short maturation times
  • Safe maturing process
  • Typical taste
  • Ideal fermentation and aroma generation


With the SCHINKO® brand, we offer a selection of top-quality brine additives for the production of high-quality cooked cured products. The use of processing additives from the SCHINKO® range offers many advantages in terms of shelf life, production reliability, taste, consistency and cost-effectiveness.

SCHINKO® at a glance:

  • Optimum slicebility
  • Optimum yield
  • Intense, fresh and typical taste
  • Stable reddening
  • Retention of the curing colour
  • High level of cost-effectiveness


All VANTASIA® gourmet oils, gourmet marinades and sauces are distinguished by their bright, appetising appearance and excellent cooking properties. The broad range of offerings has something for every taste. Not only for fans of classic tastes but also for enthusiastic curious newcomers on the lookout for innovative new tastes.

VANTASIA® marinades at a glance

  • Outstanding taste
  • Appealing, glossy appearance
  • Optimal meat enhancement
  • Easy handling
  • High yield
  • Great variety of flavours


Seasoning alone does not make for a perfect moment of enjoyment. All sensory factors play a role. The consistency and texture of products are just as important as the right seasoning. If meat is tough and dry, then the sensory experience will be very unpleasant. Processing additives in our ZARTIN® brand prevents the valuable meat juices from escaping, thus ensuring that both tenderness and juiciness are retained. This range combines the entire know-how of the Meat Technology department and ensure the best results in all meat products.

ZARTIN® at a glance:

  • Meat that is always tender and juicy
  • Consistent quality of the end product
  • Reduced weightloss
  • Stabilised water retention
  • Can be used for automatic or manual processing
  • High level of cost-effectiveness