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Certified safety for your halal products

The guarantee

HALAL CONTROL, the independent and accredited testing and certification body for halal food, ensures that all products manufactured at the Wuppertal VAN HEES plant, are produced in compliance with the internationally prescribed halal guidelines. These guidelines are based on Islamic standards for the responsible treatment of animals and the environment as well as admissible diet and quality.  The certificate of HALAL CONTROL is a protected seal of approval. It is a guarantee of the strict and professional implementation of food certification according to the highest halal standards.

The market

Halal is the fastest-growing segment within the food market. Around the world, the consumers’ demand for food safety is higher than before. This dynamic change is related to the guaranty of the compliance of the Halal guidelines. Furthermore, the steadily growing Muslim population also contributes to the higher demand for halal food.

VAN HEES and “halal”

The production site at Wuppertal, which solely warehouses halal raw materials that are further processed into end products, provides ideal conditions to ensure the fulfilment of high purity requirements for food products labelled with the prestigious title "halal". A cross contamination with haram raw materials is guaranteed to be completely precluded. The decision to build a new production site exclusively for halal products increases the manufacturing capacity within this market segment for VAN HEES. Furthermore, additional growth with the maximum in safety will be ensured.

Halal Wuppertal

Moreover, individual developments can be realized more flexible and readily. The production area of the halal plant covers over 1,000 square metres. All raw materials used in the production site Wuppertal has been verified, authorized and accredited by HALAL CONTROL. A new state of the art Halal facility has been installed to meet the growing demand on Halal certified VAN HEES quality products.